Easter Eggs Collection 2022

Hi, I am a 14 years old boy who is seeing what is currently happening in Ukraine, and in a few days I will celebrate Easter with my family but unfortunately, I know that this year hundreds of thousands of children will not be able to celebrate Easter or simply stay in family on Easter Day, due to the current situation in Ukraine.

So I came up with an idea, to create Easter Eggs Collection 2022 a collection of NFT made from 10000 unique Easter eggs at a price accessible to all, but the best part is that for each NFT sold, 5 MATIC will be donated to CHARITY Organizations that help childrens in Ukraine.


1st March to 1st April: 

Creation of Generative Art Software, PhotoShop Layer, (I must learn its before),  Smart Contract and Web Page. 

4th April to 16th april:

Start Community Growing and PreSale with price of 15 Matic

17th April 3:00pm UTC until sold out: 

Public sale on https://eggs.golderion.com with price of 20 Matic.            

When all 10,000 NFTs have been minted, I’ll send the donation to organizations that help childrens in Ukraine. so the sooner all the NFTS are minted the sooner the donation will be sent.

Easter Eggs Collection 2022’s mission is to sell
easter-related NFTs to help through a donation, suffering childrens in Ukraine.


About Me

Hi, I’m just a 14 year old boy with dreams and ambitions, but now that I see what’s happening in Ukraine, I can’t just sit back and watch, so I decided to create this amazing collection with an amazing project.

The process of creating the collection was not easy, I needed to learn to program in javascript for made the Generative Art Software and a little bit of eggs.golderion.com , html and css also for eggs.golderion.com and of course solidity to make the smart contract so i hope you will apreciate the work behind the collection, but now everything is finally ready, I just need your help and what you can do to helping is to buy one of these amazing eggs.

Buy a 2022 Easter Egg now and help thousand of childrens in Ukraine.

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